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Computing and Communications (C&C) has partnered with other campus and UC-wide groups to move forward in the area of Research Technology.  A UCR advisory committee has been formed to oversee these efforts along with external discussions toward advancement in Cloud Computing on the UC level.  Below are additional details about these strides.

Research Technology/High Performance Computing Advisory Committee

C&C, along with the Office of Research has organized a Research Technology / High Performance Computing Advisory Committee. The objectives of the Research Technology / High Performance Computing Advisory Committee are as follows:

  • To raise awareness and promote the use of existing campus Research Technology resources, services, and infrastructures in support extramurally funded projects and research.
  • To dialog, discuss, and evaluate various technologies and approaches that UCR and/or the UC system might acquire and deploy in support extramurally funded projects and research.
  • To consider and suggest how UCR might fund various Research Technology infrastructures, services, and support on a continuing basis.

The Research Technology / High Performance Computing Advisory Committee will focus its efforts on technology and initiatives that support research across many disciplines (and not on research relating to high performance computing / networking technologies per se).

The Advisory Committee discussions will include, but will not be limited to, access to high performance computational clusters (at UCR, system wide, and across the United States), provisioning of appropriate space and system administration support for computational clusters, provisioning of and access to private high speed networks, development of visualization systems, creation and deployment of collaboration tools, and provisioning of and access to very large data storage systems.

Cloud Computing

UCR is participating with other UCs in reviewing and defining research technology infrastructure in terms of funding and security models and providing access and availability to campuses, specifically Faculty and student researchers.

Additionally, C&C is currently working on a whitepaper regarding the applicability of Cloud Computing Services to be published and available on this site by the end of the academic year.

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