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Cyberinfrastructure (CI) has emerged in recent years as a facilitator of a new research paradigm at universities everywhere and in particular the University of California. A recent survey showed that more than half of higher education institutions have seen an increase in the use of high-performance computing, high-performance networking and data storage and experts are predicting an even greater demand in the coming years.

This rise in demand coupled with the shrinking financial resources available to research faculty has created a unique challenge. Thus, PIs are turning more to collaborative, team-based research methods that draw upon expertise and pooled resources regardless of geographic location.

Here at UC Riverside as part of a larger CI strategy, Computing and Communications  in partnership with the Vice Chancellor of Research has developed a comprehensive three-year computational cluster plan. The proposed plan includes support for three different cluster models that are housed in the Co-Location Facility. These include departmentally maintained clusters, dedicated clusters and a shared collaborative cluster.

An additional important component of UCR’s Cyberinfrastructure strategy is to make storage and compute resources readily available and easily accessible outside their own dedicated cluster by  the embracing of grid computing.

Other institutions within UC, notably UCLA, UCSB and UCI have already taken steps to form a UC wide grid. This enables researchers at any of those campuses to submit compute jobs that can run on any cluster that is part of the grid at any campus. UCR seeks to join the UC Grid as well as form a local grid of shared resources to be known as the UCR Grid.

2003 NSF Blue Ribbon Cyberinfrastructure Report

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